Field Workshop on Odonatology


Odonates (dragonflies & damselflies) are freshwater flying insects often used as ecological indicators. Odonates are an ancient group of flying insects that evolved approximately 325 million years ago. The colorful flying fairies are found at wetlands and water bodies. Due to their intimate connection with the freshwater habitats, understanding odonates can provide insights about aquatic habitat. Considering the present unfortunate condition with regards to the habitat degradation globally, conservation of odonates and their habitats is essential. The Field Workshop on Odonatology aims at building capacity for odonate assessment and wetland conservation. 

Workshop Objectives

  • Capacity building for promoting research in odonatology & wetland conservation
  • Output-based research projects by workshop participants
  • Broad-scale data collection for wetland conservation

Target Audience

  • Students (UG/PG/PhD), Enthusiasts, Professionals of any age group can participate in the workshop

Registration Fees

  • Students: INR 2000/- per head
  • Working Professionals: INR 2500/- per head

Registration Link:

Registration includes: 

  • Access to the workshop theory sessions
  • Field exercise
  • Access to study material
  • Course completion certificate

Availability of discounts / scholarships

  • For group registrations (3 or >3 participants) a discount of 10% will be applicable on the registration cost.
  • Applicant bursary form:
  • Bursary form will close on 20 February 2023, 11:59 PM IST.

Workshop Time-table

Special instructions:

  • All theory sessions will be conducted over the Zoom platform. The sessions will not be recorded. 
  • Field exercise will be conducted at Mula River, Pune. Outstation participants can conduct field activity as per plan at their respective location. The activity will be guided by the lead instructor.

Workshop Instructors

Resource Persons

Dr. Pankaj Koparde | Founder Director, Chatur Ullu Lab | Lead Instructor

Pankaj comes with a rich 12+ years experience working on odonates of the Peninsular India. He primarily works on the ecology of odonates, focusing on urban ecology and climate change. Know more

Mr. Arjit Jere | Program Coordinator, Chatur Ullu Lab | Field Instructor

Arjit has a background in insect ecology & behavior. He is inclined towards science communication and research in behavioral ecology. He is a published writer with many leading popular science magazines. Know more

Mr. Arajush Payra | Research Scholar, Chatur Ullu Lab | Field Instructor

Arajush is an accomplished entomologist & taxonomist. He is an excellent field researcher and has been studying odonates for the past 10+ years. His PhD thesis looks into the pattern of colonization/extinction of odonates in urbanscapes. Know more 

Dr. Prosenjit Dawn | Asst Prof, Shyampur Siddheshwari Mahavidyalaya | Guest Speaker

Prosenjit is one of the few Odonata larval taxonomists known from India. His doctoral thesis provides insights into the odonates of Central India. He is one of the admins of DragonflySouthAsia and has been leading odonatology workshops across India. Know more

Ms. Neha Mujumdar | Senior Research Biologist, BNHS | Guest Speaker

Neha is interested in behavioral ecology and has been studying moths, butterflies, and odonates over a decade. She has been a part of several Odonata meetings in the past. Know more

Mr. Amila Sumanapala | Independent Researcher | Guest Speaker

Amila is a Sri Lankan entomologist working on butterflies, odonates, and other insects. He is a Rufford Grant awardee and has discovered many new species of odonates as well as documented Odonata fauna of Sri Lanka. Know more

Dr. Vidyadhar Atkore | Scientist at SACON | Guest Speaker

Vidyadhar is a well-known freshwater biologist primarily working on the freshwater fishes. His topics of research include freshwater ecosystems, wetland habitat loss, and freshwater fauna. Know more