Chatur Ullu in Popular Media

We are actively involved in outreach using popular media and creating nature and wildlife related stories and content. We are constantly in touch with photo-journalists, film-makers, and publishers.

We believe that science should be made available to each and every person in a language they can understand. We try our best to create popular science media based on our research and publicize it through magazines, news paper articles, poems, write ups, blogs, podcasts, graphics, and popular talks.

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Select News Media Clippings

phylloneura rupestris
News coverage on our new species discovery in Sakal Pune Edition | 10 March 2024
Article on the discovery of Armageddon Reedtail, highlighting Insect Apocalypse in near future! Featured in the Indian Express | September 2023
Our discovery of a new species of Protosticta damselflies was featured in a cartoon by the Green Humor! The Hindu, India.
News on our new species discovery in Marathi newspaper Lokmat Pune | 8 September 2023

Select News Articles

Public Talks

I have delivered several public talks on various platforms including TEDx KITCoEK, Towards an Ecological Landscape (TEL), Science-on-Tap, SD Vaidya Memorial Lecture Series, Enwenar Series, etc.

Presenting our Western Ghats research at an Elsevier conference EcoSummit 2023 at Gold Coast, Australia | June 2023
A talk I delivered in the prestigious S.D. Vaidya Memorial Lecture Series organized by Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) – Mumbai chapter. Here I talk about the significance of darkness for life and nocturnal animals such as owls. A part of the talk concerns with light pollution, a topic, not much discussed at public platforms. I have used some visuals provided by prominent photographers and few educational clips on owls and light pollution. Hope you enjoy the talk! Cover photo is by Neel Sureja and owl portrait collage by Kamlesh Mirkale. Thank you ISOLA team for the wonderful coordination and organization.

Open talks for School / College Kids


Pankaj Enwenar

The Secrete Lives of Owls

In this public lecture, I talk about owl biology, my experiences with owls, threats to owls, and conservation measures needed.

Documentaries / Short Films

Story of Baralikadu

The Untold Story of Baralikadu

The nature awareness documentary represents the beauty of Baralikadu village and the transformation that ecotourism development done by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department has brought. The script is written by Pankaj and the film is directed by Sumant Mali.

Ghubadesh - The Owl God

Ghubdesh – The Owl God

We see what we want to see; we see what we believe is around us. This short-film portrays two researchers who are in search of a mysterious owl about which only two variable descriptions exist. Written and Directed by Pankaj Koparde Music by Mandar Phatak

know your dragons

Introduction to Dragonflies

In this short explanatory video, I talk about dragonflies, their evolution, and ecology.