We are involved in providing consultancy services to several academic and industrial organizations. Here are some of the projects we readily engage in,

EIA & Biodiversity Assessments

  • Undertaking Biodiversity Assessments (bird and dragonfly component) and providing recommendations based on data analysis and biodiversity informatics
  • We are associated with Research & Action in Natural Wealth Administration (RANWA), Pune, and Environmental Resources Management (ERM) India as sub-contractors
  • Apart from EIA, we specialize in dragonfly and butterfly gardens, landscaping, and restoration
  • Experience of working with industry partners (Wind Power, Township, and Automobile Industry) and NGOs

Conservation Outreach & Biodiversity Data Collection

  • Developing apps for biodiversity data collection through a network of students.
  • Presently we are working towards AI-enabled apps for dragonfly identification, owl call recognition, and an app for listing dragonfly species for mapping projects.
  • Some of the app ideas have been selected by MHRD Innovation Cell.
  • If you want to donate to the cause or want to take it up as a CSR activity for your company, contact us.

Data Analytics

  • Through a network of researchers, we are involved in environmental and data analytics services in collaboration with Dr Rohan Shetti through Bharat Environmental Analytics portal.
  • We provide an in-depth analysis of data as well as recommendations regarding interpreting the results and dissemination of the results to the public.

Innovative Collaborative Projects Aiding Conservation

  • We are involved in a project on “bringing back bird diversity” with Rohan Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. This is a unique project that aims at enhancing bird diversity in urban spaces of the city of Pune. The project includes bird surveys, deployment of custom-made diversity solutions, monitoring of the diversity, and peoples’ participation in such activities.
  • We are involved in various eco-restoration projects at several sites within the Pune district. These projects are primarily under the supervision of Shrikant Gund.
  • Green auditing and climate-resilient designs are two new ventures we are on! These services are provided through our collaboration with the members of the Faculty of Sustainability.