Field Pictures

habitat exploration
searching for damselflies at Dhamapur Lake | 2019 | Participants of the DragonflySouthAsia 2019 meeting followed their leaders and went inside a flooded area to look for damselflies. Photo by Dhirendra Singh.
Chandoli National Park – Waiting for Dark-fronted Babblers | 2013 | This was my last day of fieldwork in Sahyadri Tiger Reserve and I desperately wanted to see Dark-fronted Babblers. I was sitting in a dried stream and wondering if I they show up. In the previous two years of fieldwork, I haven’t seen them in STR. This was the day I saw them, up close! Forests are wonderful and patience (and a good pair of binoculars) is the key! Photo by Prachi Mhaske
Melghat Tiger Reserve – in search of the Forest Owlet | 2010 | I saw Forest Owlet for the first time at Melghat TR. It was a mesmerizing experience, though I saw the bird only for two seconds! Photo by Pankaj
Toranmal Reserved Forest – in search of the Forest Owlet | 2017 | Fieldwork in central India is amazing. The tribals at Toranmal have a feast during the Holika festival. They block the road, dance in their glamorous avatar and ask for donations! Well you can donate and go ahead OR you can donate, mingle with them, and tell them about your research; we preferred the latter! Photo by Kaushik Koli
leopard pugmark
the joy of finding a Leopard pug mark | on our trail back to base from Ratangad | 2008
Staff training at Toranmal Reserved Forest | 2017 | I am glad that highly talented local people are involved in our research as field assistants. If given proper training, the field assistants can do a marvelous job. Here is a small training session before we head to fieldwork. Photo by Kaushik Koli
Hiking in Andamans | 2010 | Some of my earliest and hardest fieldwork took place in Andamans.
Sampling at Chhattisgarh with Vishnudas K. | 2015
Sampling at Satara for dragonflies | 2012
Mahabaleshwar Team
Mahabaleshwar Survey Team at Panchgani Table Land | 2019
a kid lost at Brahmapuri | 2017
Urban Sampling – Prosenjit puling out larvae | 2016
Birding at Chhattisgarh – in search of the Forest Owlet | 2015
In search of the Forest Owlet at Toranmal Reserved Forest | There are so many days that are full of disappointment especially if you are working on rare and endangered species. The lesson that I learnt while working on the Forest Owlet is that the destination is overwhelming but the journey is unforgettable! 2017
Lama Camp – waiting to listen to the Bugun Liocichla | I wrote many stories sitting in this small hut while I was on a short expedition to Eaglenest WLS in 2010
serene Koyna grasslands – relaxing post field work | The part that we love the most! After the day’s work is over sit relaxed at a beautiful spot, wait for the dusk to convert into darkness and listen to Nightjars & Owls! 2012
The dry deciduous forests of the Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary are amazing. They hid nature’s jewels in them. | 2017
Andaman Sea – moving towards a camp site | My first job was to study the breeding biology for the Edible-nest Swiftlets that nest inside caves in Andaman Island. This photograph is taken en route to one of my field sites. The motor operated dungi used to have me and Alex (the boatman). When you are so close to the sea, you realize its vastness that we tend to ignore! 2010