Diversity & Distribution

Observing, identifying and counting birds and dragonflies is a pass time for us. We have a keen interest in understanding how species diversity and distribution change as a response to proximate and ultimate factors, and how this information can be used in conservation planning. 

I have led several expeditions to remote areas as and when possible. I find myself lucky that I could touch upon or looked into things which no-one could notice.

We are presently working on several diversity and distribution projects in the urban context. We are also collaborating with RANWA and Garware College, helping them study diversity and distribution of birds and dragonflies of Mahabaleshwar Eco-sensitive Zone.

Dragonfly Mapping Projects

We have initiated dragonfly mapping projects throughout the country with emphasize on Maharashtra State to begin with. The idea is to generate primary and authentic data on regional diversity and diversity dynamics. These are long-term and extensive insect mapping projects. We are in the process of developing standard sampling protocols which can be used throughout the country to understand Odonata diversity and dynamics.