Bio-Statistics Using R

The dates for the next Workshop on Bio-Statistics Using R Programming will be announced soon!


Content taught in such a simple way. And most important for me, being a working professional it was not possible for me to attend all the live sessions, but everything was made available through drive. This helped me a lot!!

Dnyanesh Rathod, WII

I didn’t expect this workshop would be so good. It was my first time to attend workshop of Pankaj sir . I missed some part bcoz of internet issues but the best part of this workshop is all sessions are recorded which can be helpful to cover up or even practice in future. I loved everything about workshop and would like to attend more courses offered by Pankaj sir. After attending statistics classes now I have more depth understanding about how to propose research project. I understand many mistakes of mine about selecting sample , sample size and other things like variables, understanding of dependant and independent variables and so on.

Shraddha Vadgama

I liked how the space was created in order to enable non-math or non-ecology background individuals can still believe in understanding critical aspects of stats and analysis. This mindset is very essential to co-learn and alsl troubleshoot without judging how the questions were asked. I liked the content planning and its smooth transition over two weekends with increasing complexity. I also realised my own involvement and practice is very necessary to better in this domain.